Mr. H. Ford's Cars
..last updated April 2014..... Working on the lastest 72 Gran Torino Sport, the black one.......

My 1972 Gran Torino Sport

My wife's 72 Gran Torino Sport

1972 Gran Torino Sport

1972, Gran Torino Sport

1973 Mach 1 #10

1973 Mach 1 #11

1981 B/B Merc Lynx

My chassis building

I am a FORD parts collector,got a little museum going on

(rarer stuff Aussie Cleveland, Boss 302, Boss 351, 429 SCJ.....

I started with Cleveland stuff now I collect 429/460 parts

and a collection without Windsor stuff would be incomplete.

So far no FE stuff, but if I find stuff ...

Lots of Ford stuff to come!

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